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HWTC’s training programs provide you with the in-demand skills that will set you up for a successful career in hospitality. We understand the skills and competencies that employers are seeking and our training programs are designed to meet those needs. Whether you are looking to get your foot in the door or advance your career, HWTC has a training option for you.

Hospitality Housekeeping

Discover high-demand hospitality positions and what it will take to succeed in these roles.


Build the confidence you need to pursue your passions.

Restaurant Basics

Learn the core skills you need to succeed in a food and beverage career.

Fast Track Distilled

Helping you develop the real-world skills and connections you need to succeed in hospitality.


Earn micro-credentials for the in-demand skills employers are looking for.

Restaurant Essentials

Restaurant Essentials will help you get job ready in only 2 weeks! Learn more and get started in your journey.

Restaurant Ready

Restaurant Ready combines job seeking preparation, soft skills and work placement to give you a well rounded foundation to start your journey.

Fast Track

Helping youth 18-29 develop the real-world skills and connections they need to succeed in hospitality.


Take inventory of your skills and strengths and learn how you can leverage them in today’s job market.

Red Seal Equivalency

Access study materials and financial support for your Trades Equivalency Assessment (TEA) to challenge the culinary Red Seal program.


Explore and develop the skills you need to change careers within the hospitality industry.

Visit our calendar page for a complete list of HWTC’s upcoming programs and start dates. 

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At this time HWTC is does not offer services in French. If you require service in French, please email us at and we will refer you to a French language service provider. 

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