Retention is easier than recruitment: Tips for boosting employee satisfaction

Feb 22, 2023
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During the week of February 13th 2023, there were 1870 cook jobs listed in Ontario. (Canada Job Bank) With an unemployment rate 5.2%, this means many hospitality employers are looking for workers from a limited number of experienced or available candidates. With this type of job market, employers should consider how to keep their current employees from leaving.

Retaining employees has more benefits than just keeping recruitment costs down. Studies show that engaged employees are more productive and promote an overall more positive work environment. Additionally, companies who are known for having an engaged workforce are more likely to be seen as an employer of choice, attracting high calibre candidates for open positions.

There are many ways an employer can engage their workforce and improve employee satisfaction, here are 4 areas that can make a significant impact:

Recognize good work
One of the most important ways to appreciate restaurant employees is by recognizing good work. It is important to acknowledge the hard work and effort of your employees, whether it is through verbal recognition, written appreciation notes or public recognition in meetings. Acknowledging employees’ accomplishments creates a positive work culture, boosts morale and encourages employees to continue performing well.

– Weekly Awards to celebrate great customer service or employees who demonstrate your business’ values
– Monthly Email to all employees recapping all the weekly winners, plus a monthly draw for a small prize

Provide benefits and perks
Providing employee benefits and perks is another way to appreciate restaurant employees. Offering benefits such as health benefits and paid time off shows that you value your employees and their well-being. Additionally, perks such as free or discounted meals, flexible scheduling and training opportunities can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated and valued.

Give all employees a monthly credit to spend on food at the restaurant
– Allow employees to come into restaurant with friends and family at a discount
– Offer paid time off to employees who work during high peak periods, like holidays

Celebrate milestones and achievements
Let’s face it, recognizing someone’s milestones and achievements is not only meaningful, but it’s also a great way to show your appreciation. Whether it’s an employees’ birthday, work anniversary, or they nailed a notable accomplishment, it’s the perfect opportunity to give them a shout out. Since the tenure in restaurant workers is lower, consider celebrating 3month, 6month and 1-year anniversaries as a way to keep new staff engaged and committed.

– Every month hold full staff meetings and call out employees who have reached major milestones or accomplishments
– Expand your work anniversary program to include recognition for 3months, 6months and 9months

Train & Support Supervisors & Managers
Supervisors are the backbone of any organization, responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of employees and therefore have a high influence on their contentment and engagement. This is why it’s critical to ensure they know and support the values and culture of your workplace. When supervisors are supported, they are better equipped to build positive relationships with their team members, provide feedback and recognition, and create a positive work environment. This, in turn, can lead to increased employee engagement and better business outcomes.

– Provide training to supervisors /managers so that they understand your company values and best practices in employee engagement
– Host meeting with supervisors and brainstorm ideas to improve engagement across all employees

Showing appreciation to employees is crucial for building a positive work environment and retaining top talent. By saying “thank you”, celebrating milestones, providing perks and benefits, and creating a positive work environment, you can show your employees that you value and appreciate their contributions to your business.

Tips for boosting employee satisfaction infographic

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