Why Micro-Credentials Matter: Improving business outcomes for Hospitality employers

Apr 6, 2023
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Micro-credentials, also known as digital badges or e-badges, are a type of certification that verify a person’s skills or competencies in a particular area. They are gaining popularity across industries, including the hospitality industry, as a way to demonstrate expertise and improve one’s professional profile.

In the hospitality industry, micro-credentials can be particularly valuable for employers as they provide a way to verify the specialized skills of their employees. For instance, a hospitality employee may earn a micro-credential in WHMIS, customer service, or conflict management.

There are many benefits of micro-credentials for hospitality employers:

Improved Hiring Decisions: Micro-credentials provide an effective way for employers to assess an applicant’s skills, allowing them to make more informed hiring decisions.

Increased Employee Retention: Offering employees the opportunity to earn micro-credentials signals a commitment and investment in their growth and career advancement, which is shown to increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in higher retention rates.

Enhanced Professional Development: Micro-credentials enable employees to build on their existing skills and acquire new ones, leading to higher productivity, improved quality of work and motivation making them more productive members of the organization.

Competitive Advantage: By offering micro-credentials to their employees, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to employee development which is attractive to top talent.

Improved Customer Service: When employees are more skilled and experienced, they can provide a better experience for guests, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

HWTC has been doing research into micro credentials and how they can bring value to the hospitality industry. We recently launched a series of micro credentials that are validated by Bow Valley College and offer digital ebadges to those who successfully complete a micro credential.

Micro-credentials are an excellent way for hospitality employers to verify their employees’ skills and demonstrate their commitment to their staff’s professional development. They offer a quick and efficient way to assess employee competency, enhance employee retention, and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

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