Making an impact in 2021-2022

Nov 16, 2022
HWTC Impact Report 2021 2022 Cover image

The second year of the pandemic came with both familiarity and change. In 2021, we experienced contagious variants, on and off lockdown mandates, partial reopening’s and then vaccine card rollouts.

Despite the constant changes, we were able to make an impact by customizing our programs as well as developing new ones to meet the needs of workers.

“ I’m proud of the effort HWTC’s team has put into remaining responsive and relevant..” Says Mandie Abrams, Executive Director. “We will continue to need to be adaptive as this industry, our community and our economy stabilizes and revives.”

Despite the rapidly changing circumstances, HTWC supported 339 participants with both training and employment services. Of these participants, 69% got and jobs in the hospitality industry. Additionally, 98% of the participants rated our training programs as very useful to quite useful.

Some highlights of our accomplishments include:

  •  We developed a new program called Pivot to respond to the needs of displaced hospitality workers supporting them to re-enter the labour-market
  • Our Fast Track for Youth and Restaurant Basics programs were developed to support new entrant job seekers and meet the high demand for workers in restaurants
  • Organizational capacity, to ensure that our virtual and in-person programs would be readily designed with accessibility and equity in mind.
  • Expanding how we support workers and employers, we have focused on initiatives such as ReSET and our Micro but Mighty: Micro-Credential project to better attract and retain skilled talent.

To learn more about our accomplishment in 2021-2022, check out our Annual Impact Report!


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