Evolving HWTC look and direction

Nov 9, 2022
new brand and website banner

Since 2004, the Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC) has been working with job seekers, employers and researchers to develop and offer high quality training and support that is hospitality focused.  This has resulted in:

  • Hundreds of participants graduating from our training programs
  • Vulnerable and displaced workers getting jobs and growing careers in hospitality
  • Establishing an extensive network of 400+ employers who help us develop demand driven training
  • Publishing numerous research documents to help hospitality industry prepare and adapt to the ever-changing market

HWTC was established during the 2004 SARS crisis and has continued evolving to provide relevant training and solutions that meet the needs of employers, workers and job seekers, including during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it has been good times or bad, HWTC has built a positive reputation for supporting workers and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Recovery from COVID 19 is offering, if not demanding, a re-imagination of the hospitality industry as a vibrant, supportive and exciting place to work and play. All around us we see the industry seizing the opportunity to rethink, invigorate and innovate a stronger and healthier industry. HWTC is doing this right alongside their industry partners.

After careful consideration, HWTC chose a new logo and brand that reflects a more modern look and captures their mission to deliver bold and innovative solutions to hospitality employers and workers. This fresh new look represents the rebuilding and growth of the hospitality industry following the pandemic. With this new visual identity, HWTC rebuilt their website from scratch to ensure our messaging was aligned with their evolving direction and mandate.

“We have always leveraged employer insights to drive our training and solutions,” explained Abrams. “Our new logo and color scheme were chosen to better position us to promote our solutions to hospitality employers in the future.”

Highlights from new HWTC website:

  • New design and structure makes it easy to scan on desktops and mobile screens
  • Work section houses training programs and supports for job seekers and workers
  • Hire section gives employers a one stop shop to resources and supports to enhance their operations
  • Knowledge centre section centralizes all our research, publications and blogs in one place for easy acces

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