Micro-credentials for Recruitment & Upskilling

HWTC offers micro-credential certifications for high-demand skills and workforce training.

We help employers find qualified candidates and upskill their workforce.

Micro-credentials are a certification of skills, experiences, and achievements gained through short learning programs and validated through targeted assessments.

At HWTC, we’ve turned high-demand credentials into bite-sized certifications that signal proficiency in a specific area. Our micro-credential programs ensure that workers have the skills that employers are looking for in today’s hospitality industry.

Validated skills for success in the hospitality industry.

HWTC currently offers online training and ebadges for:


WHMIS Ready for Hospitality

Ensures that an employee understands safe procedures when working with dangerous chemicals through the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

microcredentials badge AODA

AODA Ready for Hospitality

Confirms that an employee understands how to create an accessible experience for customers and employees based on laws within the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).​


OHSA Ready for Hospitality

Verifies an employee’s skill in preventing, reducing and reporting injuries and potential hazards within the workplace. Demonstrates an understanding of Ontario’s Health and Safety Act (OSHA) and how to identify and report potential hazards.


Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention for Hospitality

Validates that an employee understands the laws that protect them, co-works and customers against violence and harassment in the workplace and their knowledge of appropriate responses.


Unconscious Bias in Hospitality

Assesses an employees understanding of unconscious bias including what contributes to this bias and the impact on our interactions with other


Smart Cart Training for Hospitality

Validates an employee knows that key soft and technical skills that are in demand in a Post-covid world based on feedback from hospitality employers.


Working in Teams for Hospitality

Confirms that an employee knows the key characteristics of high functioning teams and how adapt to different groups and individuals.


Transferable Skills for Hospitality

Ensures a candidate knows which skills can be transferred across businesses and industries so that they can explore new opportunities to expand their experience and knowledge.

AODA Ready eBADGE (3)

Self Regulation at Work

Verifies that a participant understands how self awareness can improve how we relate to ourselves and others and the top soft skills that can enhance these interpersonal interactions both at work and at home.


Cultural Awareness

Verifies that a participant understands how self awareness can improve how we relate to ourselves and others and the top soft skills that can enhance these interpersonal interactions both at work and at home.


Customer Service for Hospitality

Ensures the employee knows the key elements of great customer service, specifically within hospitality industry including how to deal with challening situations.

Take note of micro-credentials during the hiring process.

HWTC’s micro-credentials offer a quick and effective way to screen candidates and support targeted skills development in the workplace. 


Our assessment process has been validated by a trusted post-secondary institution.


Quickly verify the skillset of current or potential employees at a glance.


Ensure your staff has the skills needed to achieve your business objectives.


Micro-credentials reduce hiring and training costs by helping you to efficiently find and train workers for the skills you need most.

Workers are boosting their resumes with micro-credentials.

Micro-credentials help job seekers and employees showcase their skills to employers.


HWTC offers short, online courses that workers can access anytime, anywhere.


Micro-credentials help workers signal to employers that they have in-demand skills.


Combining micro-credential programs demonstrates a range of skills and knowledge.


Skill assessments have been developed in partnership with Bow Valley College

Micro-credential Assessments

Micro-credentials are earned through HWTC’s training programs. Once a participant has completed one of our prerequisite training programs, they are automatically eligible to take one or more Micro-Credential assessments and earn certifications for their resume. All of HWTC’s micro-credentials are validated through assessments developed in partnership with Bow Valley College, a recognized post-secondary institution.

Learn About Our Micro-credential Assessments

Get certified with HWTC.

If you’re interested in taking one of our micro-credential certifications, please reach out to our team and one of our Career Consultants will be in touch. 

eBadges are digital certifications that validate an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. They can be earned in various learning environments including online courses, in-person workshops, or hybrid training.

Absolutely! HWTC’s micro-credential programs are a great way to build skills for a new role or quickly evolving position.

Yes! HWTC’s micro-credential programs can also support workers who are looking to gain a higher level of competency in a specific area so they can perform better in their role. Employers can register staff for our micro-credential programs to strengthen their teams.

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