Disability cannot be spelt without ABILITY

Dec 14, 2022
man in wheelchair

Why tapping into this pool of talent is the best idea for your organization

People with disabilities are often overlooked when it comes to hiring. This is unfortunate because they bring unique perspectives and ideas that can improve your business.

Research shows that people with disabilities are more likely to be hired if they have positive experiences applying for jobs compared to their non-disabled peers. But there are still challenges standing in the way of full employment for this population.

People with disabilities face challenges when job hunting

People with disabilities are also more likely to be unemployed longer than other groups. People with severe mental illness face even greater challenges in finding employment: they’re twice as likely as everyone else not only to be unemployed but also underemployed when they do find work.

This pattern persists despite the fact that having a disability has no bearing on productivity levels or attendance rates at work. In fact, studies show that employees who have had some kind of injury or illness tend toward higher job satisfaction and commitment than those who haven’t had such experiences!

Businesses are missing out on talent

Why is this happening? There are a variety of factors that contribute to a person’s ability to find work. The most obvious one is a lack of education: people with disabilities are almost twice as likely as those without them to have less than a high school diploma. However, even when you look at those who do have higher levels of education, the gap persists.

There is also a degree of fear with employers about the costs and time required to accommodate someone with a disability. Many assume that it would take significant costs to bring their business up to standards if they were to hire someone with a disability.

For those employers willing to invest in making their workplace inclusive may not realize that their recruiting and hiring practices are not as inclusive as they could be. 

We have developed an infographic with quick tips on making your workplace more inclusive. PDF Inclusion Infographic

Hiring people with disabilities can improve the bottom line.

Businesses that are inclusive and respectful of people with disabilities will likely see a higher return on their investment. This is because they will attract top talent, create environments that support innovation, increase productivity and improve overall performance.

People with disabilities are often overlooked in the labour market, despite making up a large and growing percentage of the population. The fact is that companies that include people with disabilities have better financial results than those that don’t. According to McKinsey, companies that have more diversity are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.

Additionally, studies have shown that an inclusive and diverse workplace increases creativity and innovation. They not only bring a different perspective to the table, but they also have valuable skills, talents, and abilities that can enhance productivity.

Inclusion is the future of business. As the world becomes more diverse, it’s important that we create an environment where everyone feels welcome. That starts with hiring people with disabilities. The benefits are clear: they bring unique perspectives and ideas, and they make great employees who work hard.



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